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Citric Mix
Citric Mix Heets Box

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Citric Mix are brand cigarettes, produced in a pack of Heets Box. Unfortunately, at present these cigarettes are not available for order. Please follow our catalog update.

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Carefully study the characteristics of Citric Mix cigarettes. Specifications vary, depending on the country of manufacture, but our store sells cigarettes with the data listed below:

format_line_spacing Package and packing

Box type
Heets Box
Quantity in carton
200 cigarettes
Packs in carton

smoking_rooms Combustion characteristics

Smoking kills

Maybe. Life is generally a very dangerous thing. But this inscription is required to be placed - such are the demands of the law. Dura lex, sed lex.

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The price for 1 carton (200 cigarettes) of Citric Mix Heets Box excluding shipping costs.

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